4Phase Games - with Morgana Watson

Morgana Watson is an avid gamer and the Creative Director for 4Phase Games. She took the plunge and decided that she wanted to make a Māori role-playing game (RPG) on par with games like Tomb Raider and God of War.

Watson and her creative team at 4Phase Games, based all around Aotearoa, are creating an action/adventure RPG for console. The narrative is a Māori futurism, and you play as the kairākau (warrior), Ahimaru. The game encompasses traditional and contemporary Mau Rākau (Māori martial arts and weaponry) Te Reo Māori (Māori language), Tikanga (practices and protocols) and the māori worldview.

Speaker bios:

Jo Barber AKA Jojo AKA JonanBarberian has been an artist since a young child. He specialises in concept art, storytelling and creating 2D and 3D artworks using multiple mediums. Jojo caught the eye of the team after releasing a hand-drawn Māori Monster Card Series on Tiktok. He is a welder by trade but also dabbles in woodwork, carving, murals and weapon design. Jojo’s position in the game is Senior Lead Artist and focuses on the game narrative, character development and environmental concepts.

IG: @jo_jo_barber

Tiktok: @jo.barber

Matiu Awarāwhiti is a kairākau and currently trains in a Whare Tū Taua, (Māori Warfare and Weaponry). He is also a landscape artist and avid gamer, with an interest in boardgames as well. He specialises in the multiple traditional māori combat styles and tikanga (protocols) surrounding those. Matiu, along with Jo and Morgana are the creative team, offering guidance in all forms of combat in the game as well as narrative and character development.

IG: @matiu.kiwiburger

Tiktok: @unglemao

Morgana Watson is a Māori cultural consultant, gamer and animé fan and is the Creative Director for 4Phase Games. Morgana saw the creation of this game as an opportunity to build an immersive world that embraced, celebrated and authentically represented Māori culture in the game industry.

Tiktok: @manawahine00

IG: @4phasegames

Twitter: @4phaseG

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