Jacqueline Bublitz

New Zealander Jacqueline ‘Rock’ Bublitz is a writer, feminist, and arachnophobe. She wrote her much-praised debut novel Before You Knew My Name, after spending a summer in New York, where she hung around morgues and the dark corners of city parks (and the human psyche) far too often. After many years of living and working in Melbourne, Jacqueline returned to her beloved hometown, New Plymouth, where she now lives and writes full-time. Ignoring Hemingway’s advice, much of Before You Knew My Name was edited at her favourite local wine bar. She is now working on her second novel, where she continues to explore the grand themes of love, loss and connection, and the ways we recover from our darkest moments. Famous Irish writer, Marian Keyes, describes Bublitz’s debut as, “Unusual, beautiful, feminist, gripping, deserves to win prizes. I loved it so much.“

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