La Mambanegra

Hip Hop / Salsa - Colombia

La Mambanegra (The Black Mamba) is a powerfull latin music orchestra. Its venom is made of 70s NYC Salsa and elements of Jamaican and Colombian music, Funk and Hip Hop music.

Inspired by the story of an anonymous and mythical heroe of the Barrio Obrero, a popular neighborhood of Cali, who had a series of fantastic advendtures in his hometown, La Habana and New York, this orchestra brings a new concept of Salsa and Latin Music to the world.

Highlighted as one of the 5 Colombian bands you need to know by Billboard, La Mambanegra played in Colombia along with big acts such as Bomba Estéreo, ChocQuibTown, Pedrina y Rio or Monsieur Périné and just received great reviews of their first album El Callegüeso y su Malamaña (Launched in Latin America only), selected as one of the 10 albums of the year by the #1 weekly newspaper in Colombia – Semana – along with various other medias. Along their career, they played several major gigs like Tempo Latino in Vic-Feysensac, France (July 31st, 2016), WOMAD in Charlton Park, United Kingdom (July 29th, 2016)  the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá (March 12th, 2016), the Festival Toque in Buenos Aires (October 11th, 2015) the Bogota Music Market (September 9th, 2015) and the Festival Internacional de los 7 Mares in Lima (April 26th, 2014) for instance.

The members of the band are : Jacobo Velez (Musical director), Julia Diaz (Voice, Chorus), Fabio Lucumi (Trombone), Sergio Orobio (Güiro and Voice), Harold Orozco (Drums), Juan Carlos Arrechea (Congas), Daniel Gutierrez (Keyboard), Roger Torres (Trumpet) and Jorge Andres Caicedo (Bass).



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