Mercedes Peón

Galician Folk - Spain

Mercedes Peón, who was born in La Coruña (Galicia) in 1967, has dedicated many years to recovering traditional music in her native Galicia and to teaching it in town schools and cultural associations. She has pioneered the formation of various female groups of singers and tambourine players.

Peón has also fronted several prestigious musical bands in Galicia and hosted a section about early Galician music on the local TV show Luar (Homeland).

As a music researcher, she published a book by installments entitled Raiceiras (Roots women) which contains part of her field work in collecting songs. Peón has lectured on Galician folk music throughout the world and has received numerous awards for her teaching and her dedication to preserving the Galician tradition. “Ever since I was fortunate enough to fall In love with the songs of the people of Imense (a small town on the Galician "Death Coast"), I have spent years searching for those tunes that only the eldest among us can still remember, because, much as we may regret it, over these last generations the oral transmission chain has been broken, both here and In most of the world.”

The multi-talented artist runs a record label called Discotrompo that promotes Galician traditional and folk music. Peón has also organized several festivals, among them the traditional music festival for the Federation of European Cultural Associations and another called "Galicia Terra Unica".

As a performer, as well as an accomplished singer she is also a master of Galician bagpipes and of several traditional percussion instruments. Peón was awarded the special jury award in the Cídade Vella festival in Santiago de Compostela, the prize for the best performer of voice and bagpipes at the Santiago de Compostela Folk Days, and the Macallan award for Galician pipers at Lorient's Festival Interceltique.


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