Shades of Shakti

SHADES OF SHAKTI combines intricate fast melodies, virtuosic rhythms of the tabla and percussion, expansive raga, and the hypnotic tones of the sarangi, a highly resonant, ancient, bowed instrument of India.

A collaborative group of New Zealand and Indian musicians exist in the space between traditional Indian music and jazz using some past examples of 'East meets West' collaborations from Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhin, and John McLaughlin's group Shakti, as well as original compositions.

Shades of Shakti is made of some of New Zealand's finest musicians: Justin Firefly Clarke (guitar), Basant Madhur (tabla), Tristan Carter (violin), Chelsea Prastiti (vocals), and Thomas Friggens (percussion and drums)  as well as young up-and-coming sitarist, Sargam Madhur.

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