Shayne Gooch

Aotearoa / New Zealand

Shayne Gooch is the Dean of Engineering (Academic) at the University of Canterbury and Director of Hales and Gooch Limited (Christchurch, New Zealand and Chicago, USA). Shayne’s research interests include engineering design, design for people with tetraplegia, design of flexible vibrating structures and intellectual property and copyright. Shayne has been responsible for senior year undergraduate engineering design teaching at Canterbury University since Jan 2001.


Shayne has been working with the Len Lye Foundation on the design of Len Lye sculptures since 1996. His first project was to built and commission Big Blade (2001) as part of a PhD study in mechanical engineering. Since then Shayne has collaborated with John Matthews and Evan Webb at the Len Lye Foundation to supervise numerous research projects involving Len Lye sculptures at the University of Canterbury.

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