Flavia Coelho



She presents a fresh mode of smart, sunny Brazilian songs, with sexy melodies dancing over a complex fusion of rhythmic and melodic influences. Flavia Coelho presents striking music that sits easily with her striking appearance.

Born in Rio but now based in Paris, Flavia built her sound around a sweet rhythmic collision of Brazilian and Caribbean styles. While there’s an undercurrent of traditional north-eastern Brazilian music such as forro and frevo, it's often reggae and ragga that dominate.

Her effortless, relaxed style that eases between slinky melodies and bursts of rapid-fire hip-hop has developed since she first went on stage at the age of 14. In 2002, she toured Europe with a carnival troupe, then moved back to Paris in 2006, but it wasn’t until 2011, when Flavia won the fifth edition of the musical springboard Generation Reservoir, that her music began to gain traction with audiences.

Her album Bossa Muffin defined her distinctive meeting place of samba, bossa nova and ragamuffin, and the new album Mundo Meu even takes in Catalan rumba – music that comes alive with her acoustic guitar and eclectic backing trio on stage.


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