Suranga Nanayakkara

Suranga Nanayakkara is among that rare breed of engineers that has a sense of “humanity” in technology. In 2011, he founded the "Augmented Human Lab" to explore ways of creating ‘enabling’ human-computer interfaces as natural extensions of our body, mind and behaviour. 

His emphasis on “enabling” rather than “fixing,” has technologies that Suranga has developed have a potentially much broader range of applications 

His work is most important to the people whose lives it most directly impacts: those who face challenged to function in the world due to sensory deficits in hearing or vision. For the totality and breadth of achievements, he has won many awards including young inventor under 35 (TR35 award) in the Asia Pacific region by MIT TechReview, Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka (TOYP), and INK Fellowship 2016. Suranga is an Associate Professor at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, the University of Auckland (UoA) 

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