The East Pointers

Celtic - Canada

Ontario guitarist Jake Charron and 7th generation Prince Edward Island musicians Tim (fiddle) and Koady Chaisson (banjo) make traditional music seem ridiculously hip.  An adrenalized, roof-rattling, performance monster, the trio’s excellent debut release Secret Victory, penned mostly in Australia in early 2015, features the beautiful original and traditional songs, free-wheeling, feisty instrumental jigs, stomps and reels and heart-breaking harmonies have made them torchbearers for a new wave in traditional music. 

All three artists grew up step-dancing before they could walk, grasping fiddles before they could talk. The Chaissons are from a large family (50-some cousins, no kidding) in Eastern Prince Edward Island, where ceilidhs and kitchen parties on the weekend were as regular as church on Sunday, and within the traditional stronghold of the Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival, an event started by their grandfather to preserve the Scottish fiddle tradition that was going into decline in Kings County. Jake grew up with fiddle-playing brothers in a family that knew the value of music, and by his mid-twenties found himself on the road accompanying Irish luminaries such as Liz Carroll. Whenever he’d visit the East Coast, he’d jam with the Chaissons, and it is out of this extraordinary musical community that The East Pointers were born. It took little convincing for Koady to leave his job of eleven years as a lobster fisherman, Tim to take some time out from his established solo career and Jake to shuffle back from his touring schedule to fan the spark that had caught out East.

Even before releasing Secret Victory, The East Pointers knew they were onto something, having toured Australia and the UK twice in 12 months and accepted the 2015 Music PEI New Artist of the Year, and Roots Traditional Recording of the Year (EP) awards. For a band barely together 2 years, they are in extraordinary demand live, only just starting to spread the word on their home turf of Canada and the USA in 2016 after spending all of 2015 abroad.  Their shows are described by their fans as energetic and transcendent, and by their critics as technically brilliant and innovative, all of which the band hope to capture on the new album due for release in late 2017


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