Weird Together

WEIRD TOGETHER represents a seamless blend of organic music discovery and collaboration. UK Producer/DJ Dick "Magik" Johnson is at the helm curating and producing the group's eclectic global focused sound.

The Weird Together story began in 2011 and after earning reputable co-signs from a number of the finest purveyors of new global rhythms such as DJ Nicodemus and Daniel Haaksman. British DJ/Producer Miles Cleret signed Weird Together to his London-based Soundway Records label to release their debut EP and remix EP in 2015.

The group caught the attention of Jillionaire from Major Lazer, who released 'Ready For This' which has garnered over 1.5 million streams and the ode to classic calypso 'Going Back To Trinidad' with Kaiso revivalist RemBumnction which received serious airplay across Trinidad and beyond.

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