Pou Rama / Light Posts

Pou Rama is our major art installation for the 2020 festival and it's spellbinding. The glowing light structures are set to music and they tell stories of creative inspiration from the land around us.  

The whakairo designs express cycles of creativity and connections to place.

Designed by Storybox with Māori visual artist  Desna Whaanga-Schollum and music composed by Al Fraser.  

Time Beams / Ché Rogers

Time Beams are a multiple retro-futuristic, beaming towers hanging from trees to create a scene that would perfectly fit in any mid-century sci-fi film set. 

Ché Rogers, known for his large concentric circle paintings, leaps from the canvas into a three-dimensional space to produce these circular containers made of repurposed plastic containers and stacked end to end, illuminated from within.