STEAM Lab is our newest stage, a place full of wonder. Come and hear speakers from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics fields talk about incredible breakthroughs and their journey of innovation.

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Book Club

New to WOMAD 2020 is Book Club! It aims to bring people together to express their perspectives and explore the themes within the book, while getting insights from the author. Get reading!

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Village of Wellness

This is the village of gentle zen and restfulness. Have a massage, a moment of calm as you receive a henna tattoo, or just relish in the soothing atmosphere.

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World of Words

World of Words is a celebration of voices, ideas, creativity and the spoken word. This extremely popular festival gem has an inspiring line-up of award-winning thinkers, authors, comedians, poets and photographers.

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Te Paepae

Te Paepae continues to be the cultural heartbeat, the meeting house of the festival. Engage with Maori culture: have a go at learning your pepeha in Te Reo, or learn about maramaka (lunar calendar), kai oranga (growing healthy food), or get a Moko face stencil!

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Community Programme

Bringing WOMAD to you, our community programme aims to spread the festival love. We engage with local schools to provide enriching learning experiences. The free WOMAD Pop-Up Festival will be held on Puke Ariki Landing Thursday 12 March.

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Kunming Garden

The Kunming Garden is a special corner of Brooklands Park. Presided over by the Kunming Pagoda, this inviting garden space hosts the World of Words stage. There is also a lawn of sun-umbrellas for you to relax and enjoy a drink or a snack. << More information coming soon. >>

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Friday Dress Up Night

Oh yes! Bring all the (biodegradable) glitter and incredible costumes to dance the night away and maybe even win a prize or two! << More information coming soon. >>

TSB Hammock Hangout

Hang with us! Swing under the canopy at the TSB Hammock Hangout.

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