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Schools engage with WOMAD to create movement!

This year TSB Community Trust offered a select number of students from secondary schools around Taranaki the unique opportunity to take part in the ‘Make Every Move Count’ Hip-Hop creative dance workshops, under the wings of renowned NZ Hip-Hop dancers Kyra Aoake and Quinn Prendergast and with the support of local dance teacher Tansi Williams of Tansi Productions. The programme was aimed at stimulating and engaging young people in the process of creating and performing a dance routine like no other.

With positive and hands-on encouragement of Kyra, Quinn, Tansi and her crew, all of whom are well rehearsed in their craft, the students explored their inner dancers and learnt different routines, which were pre-created by the dancers, and pieced them together into one epic dance journey.

For a unique WOMAD NZ festival experience, students from these workshops will join Kyra, Quinn, Tansi and her crew and the students from Huirangi and Tikorangi primary schools, on the Te Pae Pae stage Sunday afternoon as part of the official festival programme performing the dance they collaboratively created.

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