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At the core of WOMAD is the music. So much music! Artists are brought together from all around the world to share their songs, instruments, rhythms, beats, and harmonies with our diverse audience.

In this section you can find information about where you can meet the artists at our CD and Book signing sessions. You can also enjoy the music of WOMAD all year round with our curated WOMAD Spotify playlists.

To see this year's line up of artists please check the Artists section and Schedules page.

Spotify Playlists

Spotify Squares 0014 2018 Bowl SOUNDS WOMAD 20

2020 Bowl Sounds


Spotify Squares 0001 2020 Second Artist Announcement

2020 Second Artist Announcement


Spotify Squares 0002 2020 Artist Line Up

2020 Artist Line Up

Spotify Squares 0003 2020 First announce

2020 First announce


Spotify Squares 0015 2020 Sounds ike Sunday

2020 Sounds Like Sunday


Spotify Squares 0000 2020 Feels like Friday WOMAD v2

2020 Feels Like Friday

CD and Book Signing Sessions

Meet some of your favourite WOMAD artists at the CD and book signing sessions! Artists will be signing CDs and merchandise in the WOStore.

Meet the authors from our World of Words programme and get your book signed at the Kunming stage.

For updates on signing sessions please keep an eye on the schedule outside the WOStore, as well as our social media channels: Facebook and Twitter.

Download the CD and Book Signing Sessions schedule: