Enjoy an up-close experience with some of the artists in their very special workshops! This year you can learn about topics such as how to sing in Finnish, street-performing, what happens when musical cultures collide, and what a Belgian kermesse is.


Hot Potato Band

Meet the Band

Join 10 piece brass outfit Hot Potato Band as they talk you through how it all started, beginning their journey as street performers, to composing engaging original music that leaves lasting impressions on people around the world.

It’ll be a fun organic experience, learning what makes the crew tick as they encourage the audience to make music together. To finish off, with the use of voice, clapping and street percussion, the band will get the audience up and creating a wee dance party. No prior musical experience required to join.


Kim So Ra

Pungmul is a Korean folk genre comprising music, acrobatics, folk dance, and rituals, which was traditionally performed in rice farming villages to ensure and to celebrate good harvests. It’s a bold cultural act of gathering together a community’s hope and wishes, of overcoming sorrow, and of nurturing a culture of survival and regeneration. This workshop will be led by Kim So Ra and her ensemble members, with percussion instruments (Janggu and buk), and taepyeongso (double-reed wind instrument) they will teach the audience the Korean traditional rhythm, called jangdan, as well as some folk dance movements that Korean musicians use to play their folk music genre called Pungmul. Bring your percussion instrument or using your hands!


Orquesta Akokán

Mambo from the Heart

Straight out of Havana, Cuba Orquesta Akokán will take you on a musical journey to showcase the great era of mambo, demonstrating the intricacies of clave, a rhythm used in Afro-Cuban music, the audience will learn how the polyrhythms of each section create a thrilling energy far greater than the sum of each part. Akokan means “from the heart” and through the interplay of danceable saxophone mambos, bassy conga tumbaos and syncopated piano montunos, this workshop will open your ears and heart to the deeply soulful mambo.



Enjoy a vibrant world of vocal sounds as well as an introduction into the fascinating Finnish language. Join the four versatile vocalists from Tuuletar who will present several different sounds, effects and techniques, all produced merely with a human voice. Through demonstration of some of the traditional singing styles from Finland and Scandinavia, along with more global vocal art forms such as overtone singing, beatboxing, flute notes and bird sounds, the audience will get to try out different vocal techniques, learn some Finnish lyrics and sing with Tuuletar, accompanying them on one of their original compositions.



The art of Bollywood dancing

Pallak and friends bring colour, vibrancy and fun dance moves to WOMAD. Inspired by Bollywood, take part in this fun and lively workshop where you will learn a short dance fusing the rich texture of India’s classical and folk dances combined with other modern dance forms such as hip hop, jazz and belly dancing.


Destyn Maloya

Join members of the popular Réunion band Destyn Maloya as they talk about their music and instruments – including the pikèr and kayamn – as well as the traditions, culture, songs and dances of Réunion, an island which is known for its sunshine and spices. Fabrice Ramaye will lead the workshop, with accompaniment by band members Vandemel Saiti, Augustin Moinaiche, Didier Hoarau, Ally Alfani and Eroan Grondin as they present the music and teach the audience a traditional Maloyan rhythm.  Maloya is a form of music, song and dance native to the island, created long ago by Malagasy and African slaves.


Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita

Black and white, boy and girl, African and European, traditional griot and classical musician: despite being drawn from two very different cultures and musical disciplines, Catrin & Seckou have managed to find a magical common ground in their music and beyond. This workshop will explore in conversation with both artists how they found that magic in the most unlikely circumstances, and how they have used their experiences to develop their art. Seckou will also talk about his instrument, the kora, his training, and his role as a griot in a modern society. Catrin will tell of the harp, that most Welsh of instruments, and how her career has been changed by her exposure to West African music.


Make Every Move Count Hip Hop Dance

The dance piece is a collaboration created by 100 students from around our Taranaki Maunga, who took part in this year’s Todd Energy and TSB Community Trust ‘Make Every Move Count’ Community Programme workshops.

The workshops offered the students a once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside Taranaki dance teacher Tansi Williams and crew from Tansi Productions who were also joined by two top NZ and world-famous Hip-Hop dancers, Kyra Aoake and Quinn Prendergast.

In two separate workshops, the students learned a pre-created routine and also created their very own routines to add to the piece, which has a proud focus on NZ’s very own powerful and funky hip-hop style of Haka-Fusion!

The festival performance of the piece is the final culmination of the workshops and will mark the first time the students have all come together to perform their piece’s along with Kyra, Quinn and the Tansi Productions crew as a whole!


KermesZ a l’Est

Welcome in the universe of KermesZ à l’Est!

Originally, a ‘Kermesse’ was a popular party in Belgium. But put yourself in danger and discover the incredible offbeat universe of this rowdy band and their crazy traits, borne out of their experience as a freaky street show. Planning is made of tendinitis, tinnitus, and STIs for the luckiest. You may burn calories while exercising via Greek dances, twerking and disco moves. You may be pleased by the looks of these handsome bad boys, but you will also discover their feminine secrets. But most of all, you will meet the true expression of LOVE. Or maybe a terrible creeping monster as well.

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Above: Kim So Ra is one of 9 artists holding workshops at WOMAD this year.