Aotearoa's Goddess of Gin

Masterclass and Tasting with JUNO Gin

Join Taranaki gin-makers, Dave and Jo James at WOMAD for an intimate session of gin tasting and storytelling. Sample a selection of gins from Juno’s Seasonal Series while hearing about the botanicals that shape the flavour and the process that makes each drop divine. Jo will share some favourite cocktail recipes and guests will make one for themselves also. 

JUNO GIN: Juno Extra Fine Gin is the heart of a collection of New Zealand premium gins produced by BeGin Distilling Ltd. BeGin Distilling Ltd is the husband and wife partnership of Taranaki locals Jo and Dave James—engineering meets the love of gin! 

Why did we choose Juno as the goddess to reflect our gin? 

Juno, wife of Jupiter and known as the goddess of marriage and domestic harmony. She is linked to the idea of vital force, the fullness of vital energy and eternal youthfulness. 

Juno is the perfect goddess to oversee the marriage of flavours that happens within the copper pot still during distillation. Ensuring that the carefully selected botanicals and the beautiful water of Mt Taranaki come to fruition as an extra-fine gin of distinction. 

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