Kei Tua o te Arai - Beyond the Veil

Three esteemed artists combine their talent and creativity in this spellbinding centrepiece for WOMAD.

Renowned projection artist Tim Gruchy teams up with musicians and composers Horomona Horo and Jeremy Mayall to create an ethereal and ever-changing digital artwork, set to a thrilling and unique soundscape.

This delightful work brings to life a tree at the centre of the WOMAD site, creating the perfect showcase of these three artistic stars.

Colour, beauty, sounds, and images intertwine and morph into an exciting display for night time festival goers to enjoy.

For this project Tim draws his inspiration from Taranaki’s narrative and Aotearoa’s landscape, while Horomona and Jeremy’s soundscape explores the exquisite sounds of traditional instruments used by Māori, known as taonga puoro, paired with otherworldly electronic textures.


Welsh-born New Zealand-based artist Tim Gruchy has spent more than 30 years exploring interactive multimedia through installation, music and performance.

He has exhibited multimedia works, photography, video, music and performance in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Holland, Belgium, UK, USA, Japan, France and Thailand.

Horomona is a composer, practitioner and cross genre collaborator, who fuses the traditional instruments of the Māori with a diverse range of cultural and musical forms. 

The award-winning artist spent many years being mentored by tohunga (experts) of taonga puoro, and has represented New Zealand music in Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania.

Dr Jeremy Mayall is a composer, producer, performer and multi-sensory artist.  He works in music, sound art and multimedia formats with a focus on exploring sound, time, space, the senses and human experience.

Horo and Mayall will  combine to create an ethereal soundscape for Tim's interwoven imagery to reveal what is..... "Beyond the Veil/Kei Tua o te Arai"

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