21 September                      Applications Close
28 September                      Applications reviewed
26 October                           Applicants acceptance/decline notification

09 November                       Stall holder contracts sent
23 November                       Signed contracts to be returned
                                              Invoices for 50% stall deposit 
14 December                        Invoice payment required
31 January                           Confirm number of passes (festival, camping) required
                                              Remainder of stall fee payable
08 March                              No changes to camping requests will be accepted


Before applying, please ensure you have read the FAQ information sheet regarding the application timeline, selection process, fees & bond, hours of operation, health and safety and the Zero Waste policy. 
Late applications will NOT be accepted. If payment dates are not adhered to this will be considered a breach of contract and your site will be forfeited and made available to an applicant on the wait list.

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The WOMAD NZ Food Stalls are located in key high traffic areas of our Global Village.  We pride ourselves on offering our punters a colourful, varied and tantalising selection of culinary delights during the festival.  Food traders applying for a food stall at WOMAD NZ should aim to provide delicious high quality foods and beverages and in addition to this should be service focused.  WOMAD NZ is loved by foodies everywhere (including ourselves!) and our punters overall festival experience is complemented by the delectable menus on offer with people coming to the festival on a personal mission to eat and dance their way around the world!  

The WOMAD NZ Retail Stalls are located onsite and are a colourful addition to our busy Global Village. A Retail Stall is where vendors can sell their amazing wares to our festival punters. Think jewellery, clothes, instruments, bric-a-brac!

We have a number of  service stall sites located at WOMAD. A Service Stall is a site where vendors provide a service rather than a product focus, think image related services, hair, make-up, nails, adult face-painting and services that will enhance our attendees WOMAD experience.

The WOMAD NZ Charity Stalls are located in the beautiful Kun Ming Village at WOMAD NZ. A Charity Stall is a free stall and is only available to registered charities. Think of this site as a place to hero your cause and raise awareness about what you do. WOMAD NZ is proud to offer these spaces and we believe awareness raising and educating people through the support of charities is an important part of our punters overall WOMAD experience.

The WOMAD NZ Boutique stalls are smaller sites and have their own area located within the Retail Area of the Global Village. A Boutique Stall is a site where vendors can sell niche products and will appeal to those traders with a smaller volume of stock. Think pre-packaged food goods that require no cooking like preserves, ndips, honey, and other specialised products that are niche.

The WOMAD NZ Wellness Stalls are located in the beautiful Kunming Village at WOMAD NZ. A Wellness Stall is a site where vendors dealing in products and services that have the wellness of mind, body and spirit in mind will trade at the festival. Think, massage, reiki, acupuncture, readings, aromatherapy, nurturing beauty and health products with wellness at the heart of them. The Wellness Area is a place where our traders come to pamper themselves, to chill out and to relax and recharge away from the hustle and bustle of the festival.

The WOMAD NZ Sustainable Stalls are located in the beautiful Kunming Village at WOMAD NZ. A Sustainable Stall is a site where vendors dealing in products that have been upcycled and promote sustainable practices will trade at the festival. Think, upcycled clothes and products, such as electric bikes, repurposed products, products made from natural and sustainable sources, ethical jewellery. The Sustainable Area is a place where our punters come to be inspired by what can be done sustainably and to practice and support sustainability themselves.