Volunteer Applications

Experience a whole new WOMAD - as a volunteer!

*Please note: There is no need to purchase a camping ticket if you are volunteering, please indicate this requirement on your acceptance letter*

The volunteer recruitment process is:

  • Volunteer applications will be assessed after the closing date. If you have not volunteered for WOMAD NZ before, you are required to buy a three-day ticket.  Make sure you buy a VOLUNTEER REFUNDABLE TICKET. After WOMAD, the cost of the ticket will be refunded to your bank account.
  • All applications recieved after the closing date will go into the general pool. General pool volunteers will be offered the positions that are available at that particular time.
  • WOMAD team leaders may contact volunteers to arrange an interview.
  • Suitability will be assessed and a letter informing the applicant of their placement - or not - will be sent along with a contract outlining obligations for both parties and the area of voluntary work (if relevant).
  • Volunteers will be required to attend training/health and safety induction lessons and supply a digital photo to WOMAD NZ.
  • WOMAD NZ will provide each volunteer with a roster.

Applicants are contacted by email - please include a current email address that you check regularly.

Keep up to date and discuss rideshare and accommodation options on our WOMAD Volunteers Facebook page HERE 

Read our Volunteer Terms and Conditions before applying HERE


Please note: volunteers must be 16 years and older at the time of applying.

Applications close on January 25th, 2017.