Camping FAQs

Where can I buy a campsite ticket?

·         From our website 

·         Over the phone DASH Tickets 0800 484 253 (0800 4TICKET) 

·         Or at one of our physical ticketing outlets  (excluding EZIpay tickets)

What are the camping areas? 
- PINK ZONE  - General camping
- ORANGE ZONE - General camping
- TEAL ZONE - Accessible camping
- PURPLE ZONE - Family camping
- BROWN ZONE – Family camping
- BLUE ZONE  - Motorhome/Bus/Caravan/Sleeper van

Accessible & family camping spaces are limited. Camping is only permitted in the correct area with valid camping ticket

What types of camp shelters are allowed in each area?
- PINK ZONE  - General camping:  Tent only sites
- ORANGE ZONE - General camping: Tent only sites
- TEAL ZONE - Accessible camping:  Tent only sites (subject to availability, if sold campers to purchase general or family ticket).  No Motorhome/Bus/Caravan/Sleeper Van
- PURPLE ZONE - Family camping:  Tent only sites.  No Motorhome/Bus/Caravan/Sleeper Van 
- BROWN ZONE - Family camping: Tent only sites.  No Motorhome/Bus/Caravan/Sleeper Van
- BLUE ZONE  - Motorhome/Bus/Caravan/Sleeper van:  If it has wheels it is in this section. If the unit/tent is physically attached to the vehicle it goes here.

IMPORTANT:  For safety reasons we don’t allow people to pitch stand-a-lone tents next to vehicles in the motorhome, bus, caravan, sleepervan area. No exceptions. We would recommend that they bring a tent that fits their whole family and buy camp tickets to the FAMILY CAMP area. 

When can I check in to the Campsite?
Check in time to the Campsite is from 9am Friday 15 March until 10pm.  

Departure time is from 9am - 10.30am on Monday 18 March. Please note NO right hand turns are permitted from Saddle Row onto Coronation Ave before 10am

Thursday night camping option
Thursday night camping is only available in the family & accessible area.  Access is from 4.00-8.00 pm only.  No buses, caravans, campervans, sleepervans or motorhomes permitted in this area.  All general camping ticket holders must relocate your tent to the general camp area on Friday morning. Ticket buyers must hold a 3 day camping ticket as well as a 3 day festival ticket.

Entry is via Gate A (Coronation Ave-Rogan St- Mason Drive).  

Camping is only available to 3 day festival ticket holders.

What assistance is available for me if I’ve purchased an assessible camping ticket?
There is designated parking for accessible campers in the accessible camping area.

WOMAD operates a scheduled golf cart system to assist limited access campers to get to and from the campsite at the Racecourse to the festival. A golf cart operates from the Racecourse (top of walking track) to the Information Centre.  These are scheduled and will run on the hour and half hour only. This is not an on demand system, please be patient and courteous.

To register your details please contact the festival office on +64 6 7598412 or email [email protected]   

What is the cost to camp?
EARLYBIRD camping tickets are $70 per person and are sold on a per person basis (with the exception of children) not per campsite.

Can I buy a camping ticket with a Youth ticket?
Camping is NOT available to Youth pass ticket holders unless purchased in conjunction with an adult ticket in the same transaction.

Do I need tickets for my children to camp with me?
All children 12 and under must be accompanied on the festival site and campground by a parent or caregiver with a current 3 Day Adult pass. Camping tickets are NOT required for children 12 years and under.

Do I get a pre-allocated camp site?
No, you will be allocated your camp site on arrival and given enough room to set up

Can I save spots for others?
NO SAVING SPOTS – If you wish to camp together you need to arrive together. Please note the 2019 campsite has been colour coded, if you would like to camp with your friends ensure you select the same colour zone!

Can I sleep in my car in the campsite?
Yes, you can sleep in your car. However you must purchase a MOTORHOME, BUS, CARAVAN camp ticket. Your car will be sited in the Motorhome, Bus, Caravan area.

Can I sleep in my car in the campsite carpark?
No, all overnight camping is in the designated camping area.

Can I get my car out of the Campsite during the festival?
Yes, BUT it is not guaranteed that you will be able to drive out at all times. If you wish to get your vehicle in/out of the campsite we recommend you park in one of the designated car parks.

Where should I park if I want to be able to get my vehicle in/out during the festival?
If you wish to use your car during your stay it is advisable to park in one of the designated car parks adjacent to the TSB Stadium.

Is there a Camp Info Office onsite
Yes, the info office is located in the TSB Stadium and is open during festival hours. 

Are there places to charge my cellphone
There are power sockets available in the TSB Stadium foyer. Phones left there remain the owner’s responsibility.

Are there cooking facilities?
No, there are no cooking facilities available at the Campsite.

Do sites have electricity?
No, there are no powered camping sites available

Is there on-site security
There is on site at all times, however we ask you to be vigilant and please ensure that valuables are locked in your vehicle at all times. WOMAD takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property.

Where are the toilets and showers located?
There are facilities across the site;

All areas will be signposted and we have added additional facilities in the centre oval.

Are there washup facilities available?
Yes, there are wash-up containers located in the Family Camping and General Camping areas near the temporary toilets/showers. Boiling water, for baby’s bottles etc., may be obtained at the TSB Stadium kitchen.

Is there access to water at the campsite?
There are taps situated throughout the General Camping and at the temporary toilets/showers and outside the TSB Stadium.

Arriving at the campsite
On arrival at the campsite your festival & camping tickets will be exchanged for a Camping Wristband.

All campers must remain in your vehicles on arrival at the campsite for check in, ticket scanning/exchange and wristbanding. 

Are there specific entrance gates for areas of the Campsite?
Yes Gate entrances will be marked Gate A & Gate B, please ensure you check in at the correct gate.

Gate A – Coronation Ave-Rogan St-Mason Drive (TSB Stadium, Tucson Stand)
Glamping, Wildernest, Family, Accessible only

Gate B – Coronation Ave-Racecourse
Outer oval: Motorhome, Bus, Caravan, Car-sleeper vehicles
Centre oval:  General camping, tents etc

Are there Supermarkets close by?
There is no on-site shop however, supermarkets, shops, cafés, restaurants and service stations can be found in the city a mere 5-7 minutes away at the bottom of Gover Street.

 How far is it to the WOMAD festival site from the campsite?
There are two entrances the Racecourse and Dell that are located within an 8-15 minute walk from the camp to the festival site. 

How do we access the WOMAD festival site from the campsite?
There is a sign posted track from the TSB Stadium along the tar sealed road that passes behind the Racecourse stands, past the rock retaining wall and the entrance to the General Camping area. Through the metal gate and turn right in front of the new stables to a sealed roadway that leads downhill to the Racecourse entrance of the WOMAD site that is adjacent to the Bowl Stage. Care should be taken on this roadway as from time to time artists coaches use the same roadway.

Horse training during the Festival
Yes there will be horse training sessions held on the racecourse track between approximately 6am and 9am on Friday morning. For this reason there is no access to the General tenting, the Motorhome or the Tepee Life Village areas before 9am Friday and until clearance is given by camp staff.

Lost Property
All lost and found property on the campsite can be handed in/reported to:

Zero Waste
There are Zero Waste bins and recycling areas in the campsite, please recycle!

 84% of all landfill was recycled in 2017.