All the ways to camp at WOMAD

WOMAD NZ gives you so much choice when it comes to camping! We have options that are both budget-friendly and luxurious. Check through this page and make sure you read up on our camping FAQs too!

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Camping FAQs 

 Camping Map

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General Camping

Pick me if:

- you want budget-friendly accommodation
- you are bringing your own tent
- you love the bustling atmosphere of the campsite

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Family Camping

Pick me if:

- you would prefer a smaller, more family-oriented campsite
- you are bringing your own tent
- you have kids attending WOMAD

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Motorhome Camping

Our motorhome camp is great for you if:

- you are bringing your RV, motorhome, caravan, sleepervan, house bus or truck.

For safety, no tents will be allowed into the motorhome camp.

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Accessibility Camp

Our accessible campsite is perfect for people who:

- need easy, flat access to toilet, shower and wash-up facilities
- need their campsite close to their vehicle
- may have an Accessible Parking Pass

Something a little fancier?

We have a range of accommodation options available, so you can have an awesome festival experience.

A little fancier, please!

Sometimes you just want to feel a bit pampered. We have a range of other accommodation options to ensure you have the best festival experience. Select from Glamping, the Wildernest Village, the Teepee Life Village, and Other Accommodation options in Taranaki.

Stratford and South Taranaki - Free Camping Offer

From 1 February - 1 March 2019 if you're a Stratford or South Taranaki resident and purchase your 3 day festival ticket from either the Stratford or South Taranaki i-site you'll receive free festival camping!

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