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Partners renew support for Womad. The level of support given to Womad NZ from sponsors is second to none, says Chris Smith, events director for Womad International from the UK. Most change to All of the long-term partners are renewing their support for the three-day festival held in March each year.

"Womad does not happen anywhere without sponsorships," Smith says.

The World of Music Arts and Dance event is held in seven places around the world and support for the New Plymouth festival stands out.

"It gets the most support from partners per head of attendees than other Womads," he says.

"TAFT (Taranaki Arts Festival Trust) have done a great job in pulling all that together to create these strong partnerships."

Smith says it's almost impossible to make a Womad profitable because of the festival's nature, which requires artists from all over the world to attend.

TAFT chief executive Suzanne Porter is delighted with the renewal of the Womad partnerships.

"I think it's absolutely fabulous news – most of this partnership base has been with us since 2003," she says.

"Womad would not be possible in Taranaki without these partners having supported us since the beginning and their renewed support means it stays here on an ongoing basis."

Those businesses and organisations that have pledged their support are: Todd Energy, Shell NZ, TSB Bank, TSB Community Trust, New Plymouth District Council,VTT, Tui Ora, Boon Goldsmith Bhaskar Brebner Team Architects, Fairfax, Hooker Pacific, The Most FM and Access Radio Taranaki.

This is Todd Energy’s 12th year supporting Womad and it has signed support for a further three years, says Energy CEO Joanna Breare.

“Womad offers a unique cultural opportunity for people to embrace the positive experience of other cultures, where they can explore the benefits, pleasures, fun and importance that a multi-cultural society brings,“ Breare says.

“Todd Energy’s support of this benefit demonstrates our commitment to a multi-cultural society,” she says. “Womad New Zealand creates a sense of pride amongst the local community by presenting New Plymouth and the wider Taranaki region as a welcoming and innovative place to live and visit.”

The festival is a cornerstone event for Taranaki linked closely to other successful experiences in the region. These are nationally recognised as distinctive to Taranaki and have helped grow the region as a destination.

“Womad contributes as a showcase for New Zealand performance and springboard on to the world stage for New Zealand artists,” Breare says.

Shell NZ is a long-time supporter of Womad – and remains so.

“We are keen to continue our support of Womad through our Zero Waste and Community Programmes,” says Rob Jager, country chair of Shell NZ.

“Womad is a wonderful event for the Taranaki region and we want to see the Festival continue in New Plymouth.”

TSB Bank CEO Kevin Murphy says the bank has renewed for another three years – from 2017 to 2019 inclusive.

“Womad has become an iconic event for Taranaki and one that local families and visitors from throughout New Zealand can come to and enjoy the beauty of our region,” Murphy says.

“Supporting Womad is a way for TSB Bank to recognize the community that has helped us grow to where we are today. It is our way of saying thanks to everyone in return,” Murphy says.

TSB Banks has been Womad partner since 2011 and, prior to that, supported the event with the over 65s stand and volunteers.

Tui Ora Ltd has supported Womad NZ since 2003, which was when the festival first became part of the events calendar in Taranaki, says Tui Ora CEO Hayden Wano.

“Locals are proud of it and it does create an energy that the province and visitors buy into. There is a buzz and an excitement on the first night with the anticipation of what’s to come,” he says.

“It’s also a unique experience for many of the artists, primarily due to the cultural welcome and experience they gain while here and at Te Paepae, which is supported by Tui Ora and is an extension of that experience.”

The health and service organisation, established in 1998, supports Womad because it helps give Tui Ora a profile, locally and nationally.

“Womad is a strong, multi-cultural brand as well as one that attracts people of all ages. Its arrival each year touches many and enhances community diversity and pride in what Taranaki can achieve,” Wano says.

Boon Goldsmith Bhaskar Brebner Team Architects has also supported Womad since 2003 and is continuing its support through to 2018.

“There is really no other music event in New Zealand that attracts such a broad audience and exposes us to so many cultures in such a short time-span,” says director Glenn Brebner. “It is an extraordinary event in our lives.”

The architectural company loves Taranaki and believes the success of its business is entwined with the success of the province. “Womad brings the best of world music to our doorstep and continues to be a powerful force in celebrating cultural diversity and the new ideas it brings.”


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