Social media and Digital communications

WOMAD NZ has always welcomed conversations with our festival audiences; from now on, we've decided to change how we handle offensive communications on our digital festival platforms. 

WOMAD NZ won't tolerate harmful communications; it's unacceptable at the festival and won't be accepted online. This includes abusive social media posts, offensive comments, misinformation, trolling and harassment. Before that, we - like many others, tended to accept this offensive communication as part of having a public platform. Most offensive posts were ignored or deleted. 

WOMAD NZ wants our festival community to feel safe and respected during the festival and online. No one should have to put up with abusive communication in our feed; this includes our audience, artists, and team.

Think about your post before hitting the publish button. Does it enhance our festival vibe? Would this offend someone? Is it defamatory? How would you react if someone else wrote the same thing?  

Across our social media platforms, we will proactively turn comments off on posts that feature abusive comments, and people will be blocked from our pages if they continue to troll or be offensive. 

If you need more clarification refer to the Harmful Digital Communications legislation.