Andrew Jeffs & Pete Gillespie

Andrew Jeffs & Pete Gillespie

We delve into the impact of brewing beer to music with Andrew Jeffs, Marine Biologist at Auckland University and Pete Gillespie, Co-Founder & Head Brewer at Garage Project. This dynamic session has birthed a unique WOMAD beer, brewed by Garage Project to the beats of WOMAD’s 21st Party Playlist via submerged underwater speakers. A special collaboration, this project looks at the power of sound for some of our smallest organisms, yeast - and the result is a deliciously diverse drop that perfectly matches our festival vibe! This one-off brew will be on tap at the festival’s Craft Beer bar in the Kunming Garden. 


Andrew Jeffs, the marine aficionado from the University of Auckland, doesn’t just decode the symphony of ocean sounds for dolphins and crayfish—his sonic adventures go deep! Beyond marine melodies, he’s dived into the unexpected realm of yeast. When Garage Project summoned his expertise to brew a Vienna lager while serenading yeast with Viennese waltzes, Andrew’s curiosity soared. This quirky experiment sparked a mind-bending collaboration between science and brewing, unveiling the mysterious influence of sound on these tiny organisms. Beyond brews, Andrew’s research spans lobster biology, aquaculture, and even esoteric marine ecological puzzles, weaving a fascinating tapestry of discoveries in the deep blue.  

Meet Pete Gillespie, Co-Founder & Head Brewer of Garage Project. From his childhood adventures brewing with Grandpa in Scotland to ditching a solid career for the love of hops, Pete's journey is a tale of beer-fuelled passion. In 2011, Pete, his brother Ian, and pal Jos Ruffell birthed Garage Project in a Wellington petrol station. Fast forward 12 years, and they're the big dogs of New Zealand's indie brewing scene, snagging champion brewery titles and brewing over 500 eclectic concoctions. Fuelled by a thirst for the unconventional, Garage Project crafts beers inspired by everything from death metal to Lewis Carroll poems. Collaborating with everyone from scientists to the Royal New Zealand Ballet, they've turned brewing into a joyous experiment. Why? Because, for Pete and the crew, it's all about the fun! 

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