Kate Evans

Kate Evans

Meet Kate Evans, the rockstar journalist and nature storyteller hailing from New Zealand. Her bylines grace The Guardian, New Zealand Geographic, and more, jazzing up science and environmental tales. Winner of multiple awards, Kate snagged the Feature Writer of the Year (Long-Form) at the 2023 Voyager Media Awards—her second dance with this coveted prize. This globetrotter has also produced TV magic for BBC, ABC, TVNZ, and the Washington Post, reporting from West Africa to the Whanganui River. Kate's latest extravaganza, Feijoa, is a vibrant, global saga exploring the dance between people and plants, with a juicy spotlight on the enchanting feijoa. Prepare for a wild ride through imaginations, stomachs, and hearts!


Taranaki offshore partnership taste the world workshop

Feijoa Ceviche

Join Kate as she shares her passion for innovative cooking, showcasing the fusion of South American and New Zealand flavors in this delightful Feijoa Ceviche. Inspired by a Uruguayan recipe, Kate combines fresh feijoas, succulent white fish, and zesty lime juice to create a vibrant dish bursting with flavor.


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