Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam

Get ready to
witness the power of words unleashed in a whirlwind of rhythm, passion, and creativity at WOMAD’s 6
th Poetry Slam! Poets from every corner of Aotearoa will converge to share their stories, dreams, and emotions through the art of spoken word. Feel the heartbeat of the crowd as performers ignite the atmosphere with verses that resonate with raw authenticity and unfiltered truth. From heartrending ballads to fiery anthems, the Poetry Slam is a melting pot of diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences. Each poet brings a unique cadence, painting vivid landscapes and evoking emotions that transcend language barriers. 


Penny Ashton
Poetry Slam host and judge
Part poet, part show-off, with a recipe of Busty Rhymes, sass, and a good dose of glitter! Penny Ashton’s a one-woman wonder—Poet, Comedienne, Wedding Celebrant, and more! Brace for the 6th WOMAD Slam Champ craze—Penny’s all set to dazzle with aural excitement.  

Karlo Mila
Slam judge
 & Performer
Dr. Karlo Mila is an award-winning poet, writer, mother, activist and researcher, with three poetry books under her belt including the award-winning Dream Fish Floating. Recognized with a MNZM and the CNZ Contemporary Pacific Artist Award, Karlo has represented Tonga globally. 


Ken Arkind
Slam Judge & Performer
An American National Poetry Slam champ who's taken his words on a global tour. Ken's penned two poetic treasures, including Coyotes. Beyond stages, he's a spoken word maestro, rocking TEDx, HBO, and even NBA.com. He's not just a poet; he's a youth empowerment wizard at Action Education.  

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Karlo mila standing
Ken Arkind

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