Volunteer Information

Be a part of the WOMAD team and volunteer for the festival!

We couldn't do this without the army of Volunteers who apply each year to be part of our festival vibe!

Volunteers play an essential role in the operations and delivery of WOMAD, from stage runners to traffic control and zero waste superstars. In past years we have had up to 400 volunteers involved, performing duties that ensure WOMAD runs smoothly by assisting and supporting key staff during this celebration of world music, arts and dance.

Volunteers get to experience the best of both worlds at the festival, doing good by giving back to the community AND getting to enjoy one of the best-loved cultural festivals on the planet! As a volunteer, you work approximately half of the festival operating hours, so there is plenty of time to dance and soak up the sounds and scenery.  Read our Volunteers stories HERE >>

WOMAD has an annual average audience of 12,500 ticket holders; approximately 3,000 children; 400 volunteers, artists and staff.  The festival also features over 70 food and craft stalls operating in the Global Village and Village of Wellness.