Our WOMAD vibe

We want all our guests to have an absolutely amazing time at WOMAD. Some positive things you can do to help support the wonderful WOMAD Vibe are:

  • read through all the FAQs here, so you know what's what!
  • plan your WOMAD experience using our printed programme and the app.
  • keep hydrated!
  • be friendly to your fellow festival-goers
  • relax and enjoy the huge range of entertainment on offer
  • go with the flow, and be open to positive new experiences

Please read through all the FAQs as they form our WOMAD code of conduct, which you agree to when you purchase your ticket.

WOMAD NZ reserves the right to alter the programme without notice of any advertised artists or schedule.  

WOMAD NZ is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and fun experience for everyone.

For your safety and that of your fellow WOMADers you may be searched either on entry to the festival site or within the site.

We have festival security on site to help look after everyone.

Should you require assistance at any stage please talk to our wonderful staff at the information centre, located at the top of the Bowl hill.

When you buy your ticket you are agreeing that you won't do anything from the list of actions below.

  • Irresponsible or unsafe use of alcohol.

  • Accessing restricted areas without the proper passes.

  • Abusive or offensive language.

  • Obscene or offensive gestures, including the use of obscene or offensive gestures through imagery or symbolism including banners, signs and other means of visual propaganda.

  • Possession/use/sale of illegal drugs.

  • Public urination or defecation (outside of a proper and/or public restroom).

  • Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort to anyone.

  • Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property.

  • Refusing or resisting a search.

This forms our WOMAD Code of Conduct for guests. If you violate this code of conduct then you may immediately be removed from the festival. This means your wristband will be cut off, you get escorted from the site, and you will forfeit your right to re-enter the festival site. You will not be entitled to a refund. Our security team and the police may be notified. So behave, baby.

You are allowed to bring a wide range of helpful items with you into the venue. Make sure you check what isn't allowed too!

  • YES Baby strollers

  • YES Backpacks, purses, handbags, totes, fanny packs

  • YES Blankets (small) & beach towels

  • YES Binoculars

  • YES Cameras ( just not a professional camera unless you are accredited media) 

  • YES Children (Make sure they are with a ticket holding adult on arrival. Make sure you take them with you when you leave)

  • YES Dancing shoes

  • YES Ear plugs

  • YES Eye drops

  • YES Food, non-commercial only (We don’t want the packaging that comes with commercial food items. Don’t bring it then you don’t have to dispose of it)

  • YES Hand sanitiser and baby wipes

  • YES Hats

  • YES Laptop computers and tablets

  • YES Lip balm

  • YES Makeup

  • YES Phones and chargers

  • YES Sand chairs

  • YES Service animals

  • YES Smiles

  • YES Sunscreen (Pump or cream only. No aerosols.)

  • YES Sunglasses

  • YES Umbrellas and parasols

  • YES Water bottles

As part of our effort to keep everyone safe, and to protect our beautiful environment, we ask that you do not bring any of the following items onto the festival site. If you are found with any of these items you may not be allowed to enter the festival site. The item may be confiscated, you may be escorted from site, and/or our security / the police may be informed.

  • NO Aerosol products

  • NO Air horns

  • NO BYO alcohol. (BYO alcohol is not permitted on our sites, and if found will be confiscated)

  • NO Animals (With the exception of service animals)

  • NO Busking

  • NO Hydration packs (i.e. CamelBaks)

  • NO Cameras (Professional - unless you are accredited media)

  • NO Drones, remote control vehicles or toys

  • NO Drugs or drug paraphernalia (Including cannabis, cannabis products, and synthetic cannabis)

  • NO Flammables (Includes fireworks, explosives, road flares, naked flames, or candles)

  • NO Flags or totems

  • NO Flashlights

  • NO Flyers, samples, giveaways, promotional items

  • NO Gang regalia

  • NO Glass containers

  • NO Musical instruments (unless you are actually one of our fabulous artists!)

  • NO Kites or sky lanterns

  • NO Laser pointers

  • NO Commercial food or beverages

  • NO Personal vehicles including but not limited to: bicycles, skates, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, segways, electric scooters (Blips, Limes), etc. (These personal vehicles cannot be used inside the venue, but you can lock them up outside the entry gates at your own risk). Personal mobility devices for ADA guests are allowed.

  • NO Selfie sticks, tripods or narcisticks

  • NO Sleeping bags

  • NO Sunshades or pop-up beach shelters
  • NO Tents

  • NO Toy guns, water guns or sling shots

  • NO Weapons of any kind. This ban includes but is not limited to: guns, ammo, pocket knives, tasers, pepper spray/mace, etc. Off-duty law enforcement or concealed carry permits are also not allowed to bring weapons. Just bring love.

Every guest coming onto the WOMAD festival site needs to present their ticket.

This includes:

  • Adults (18yrs+)

  • Youth (13 – 17yrs, will be required to present a valid form of ID as well)

  • Note that each adult ticket holder is entitled to one free child ticket (12 yrs and under) and both the child and adult must be wrist-banded at the same time. The free child will be issued a ticket at the time of purchase.

  • Additional children (12 yrs and under) with a ticket of their own.

You can either print out your ticket and have it scanned, or show your ticket on your phone to be scanned.

Once your ticket is accepted our friendly gate staff will give you your wristband. Don't take your wristband off as it is how you get back into the festival.

You can leave the festival site at any time, but you must show your wristband each time you come back. Youth ticket holders may leave the venue but will not be allowed on to the festival site after 7pm unless accompanied by a parent or caregiver who is 18 years or older.

Our gate staff are trained to check all people entering the site for contraband items (see the list above), so expect to open your bag at the entry lanes.

If you prefer, you can choose to be wrist-banded at one of our pre-wristbanding sites. 


No swimming in the lake, it's gross, it’s yucky and you run the risk of getting sick if you enter the water. If you enter the lake your wristband will be cut off and you will be evicted from the site,  forfeited the right to come back in to the festival.

WOMAD NZ is held in the beautiful TSB Bowl of Brooklands and Brooklands Park, in New Plymouth, Taranaki. The park is home to a stunning array of trees and gardens and we want to keep it that way. Please keep off the gardens and especially don’t climb the trees.

WOMAD adheres to the New Plymouth District Council's Smokefree Parks and Outdoor Areas Policy and encourage all WOMAD punters to respect this by not smoking within the venue including cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vape pens.  

Phone charging stations will be available on-site during the festival.



Please bring your own charging cord as WOMAD will not have any to supply.

About Tickets

We have a wide range of ticket types giving you lots of flexibility. Decide what tickets you need before you place your order. Please choose your tickets carefully as all ticket purchases are final.

Plan for alternative tickets if the ones you want are no longer available - WOMAD tends to sell out!

There are two types of tickets:

Festival only tickets


Festival + Camping Combo tickets

To see details about these tickets click through to the tickets page.

If you are buying your tickets online, then you may choose between credit card or PayPlan instalments. Credit card fees apply.

You will need to purchase your tickets online to use PayPlan. Instalments can be paid fortnightly or monthly across EASY instalments. Our payment service has a calculator that will show you how much each instalment is. There is no extra charge for this service.


The only place online to buy tickets is our website womad.co.nz or from our ticket outlet Ticketspace

Customer support for ticket sales and enquiries: Email [email protected] Phone: 0800 746 363 (opening hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 4.30pm)


For all general ticketing inquiries, please contact WOMAD customer support on 0800 746 363. 

If the tickets you want are no longer available, you can try to order alternative tickets before you log out of your account. Do not be tempted to buy tickets from any other sites like Viagogo, or from scalpers.

No! Genuine tickets are only available from our website

You will receive your tickets via email. We are using delayed delivery. This is a suspension of tickets to minimise fraud and scalping on WOMAD 2023 tickets. The delay will be lifted on the 1st December 2022. You will receive your PDF tickets via the email address on your order after this date.

If you are paying by PayPlan instalments, your tickets will be emailed to you after receiving your final instalment.

If you have a question regarding your ticket please check through all our FAQs carefully before contacting our ticketing supplier. Online supplier: [email protected]

Customer support is open: Monday to Friday, 9am - 4.30pm

Tickets holders consent to be filmed, photographed and recorded during the festival. These recordings may be used to promote WOMAD NZ.

If the festival cannot take place on the advertised date of 17-19 March 2022 due to government regulations regarding  COVID-19, the festival will be cancelled.

Anyone who purchases tickets will receive a ticket refund (less a reasonable administration booking fee).


We absolutely want to have our next generation of WOMADians, our Youth, join us at the Festival. Here’s some useful information to ensure they have a great time.

A youth is someone who is 13 – 17 years old. Each youth must have a valid youth ticket to enter the festival. Valid ID for each youth is required when presenting their ticket to be wristbanded.

A youth ticket must be bought at the same time as an adult ticket (18 years +).

Youth ticket holders may leave the venue but will not be allowed on to the festival site after 7pm unless accompanied by a parent or caregiver who is 18 years or older.

Youth ticket holders are not legally allowed to purchase or consume alcohol on site at the festival or to bring alcohol in. If alcohol is found it will be confiscated and you will be evicted from the site. If you are evicted you will have forfeited the right to come back in to the festival. Stringent bag checks will be conducted on entry to the site.

Camping is not available to youth unless they are accompanied by a parent or caregiver (18 yrs+) with a valid Festival + Camping Combo ticket.

The Youth ticket holder must camp in the same site as their parent or caregiver.


We love children at WOMAD so here’s a few tidbits to help with having the kids at the festival.

All children 12 years and under must be supervised by an adult ticket holder at all times. This includes both the festival and the campsite.

Just purchase an adult ticket - each adult ticket holder is entitled to bring one child (12 years and under) to the festival for free. The child will be issued with a ticket at purchase,  they must be wrist-banded at the same time as the adult, either at the gate, or at a pre-wristbanding site.

With Festival + Camping Combo tickets one free child per adult is included. The child will be issued with a ticket and they must be wrist-banded at the same time as the adult, either at the gate, or at a pre-wristbanding site.

  • The child will be issued a wristband at the gate OR pre-wristbanding site.
  • The free child must be with the adult at time of wrist-banding.
  • Additional children’s Festival + Camping Combo tickets can be purchased from $65 per child.
  • Additional children require a ticket that will be scanned at the gate OR pre-wristbanding site and exchanged for a wristband in order to enter. Children must be with the adult ticket holder at time of wrist-banding.

If for some reason you get separated from your child, the Information Centre located at the top of the Bowl is the place to look. A couple of tips:

  • We recommend that children have their parents/caregivers mobile phone number written on their arm or wristband.

  • Arrange with your children at the beginning of the festival to meet at the Information Centre if you are separated.

No swimming in the lake, it's gross, it's yucky and you run the risk of getting sick if you enter the water. The lake is too deep for swimming. Please keep watch on your children around the lake area and keep them out of the water.

Additional child tickets can be purchased for $35 per child. This additional child ticket must be presented at the gate (or pre-wristbanding site) to receive the child's wristband. Children must be with an adult ticket holder at the time of wrist-banding.

There is never a shortage of brilliant things to do in Kidzone - arts & crafts workshops and performances! All the creativity climaxes on Sunday evening at 6pm when the festival stops for the Kidz Parade – feel free to join in! All Kidzone activities are free.

Note: Kidzone is NOT a childcare facility. You cannot leave children unattended. Please supervise your children at all times.

WOMAD NZ is held in the beautiful TSB Bowl of Brooklands and Brooklands Park, in New Plymouth, Taranaki. 

The park is home to a stunning array of trees and gardens and we want to keep it that way.  Please keep watch on your children, don’t let them trample on the gardens and especially don’t let them climb the trees.  They could get seriously hurt or hurt others if they fall from the trees.

Check these FAQs too!

Camping FAQs

Accessibility FAQs