WOMAD NZ 2016 crowd favourite DakhaBrakha return to Aotearoa!

The Ukrainian quartet make ‘ethno chaos’ music – contemporary, cosmopolitan and intimate, with the soul of Ukrainian folk.  The group’s astonishing vocal range is accompanied by Indian, Arabic, African and Ukrainian traditional instruments, that create a trans-national sound rooted in Ukrainian culture. These instruments include tabla, djembe, accordion, zgaleyka and didgeridoo. Formed in 2004 by avant-garde theatre director, Vladyslav Troitskyi, the group’s shows have a strong visual and theatrical element with beautifully crafted costumes and a charismatic stage presence. Since their first appearance at WOMAD NZ in 2016, they have performed hundreds of concerts and taken part in many major international festivals. While experimenting with the instruments and rhythms of other cultures, DakhaBrakha never loses site of its bigger mission: To make the world aware of the new country but ancient nation that is Ukraine.

Taranaki offshore partnership taste the world Workshop

Vegetarian Borscht 
Members of DakhaBrakha serve up a delectable Ukrainian beet soup. Infusing traditional flavours with modern flair, they celebrate their country's culinary heritage with laughter, song, and a delicious bowl of borscht.

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