Dubbed ‘the Beatles of Zambia’ because of their immense popularity, WITCH’s brilliant garage, blues and psych-rock was at the centre of the explosive music scene in Zambia in the mid-’70s. Now, with a new lineup that is international and inter-generational, they are reviving and re-invigorating ‘Zamrock’, a riotous rock’n’roll sound infused with heavy African percussion. The story of WITCH (We Intend To Create Havoc) is also the story of Zamrock itself. Formed in the 1970s, the group fell apart in the ‘80s, affected by economic crises, social restrictions, and the AIDS epidemic. An unexpected revival came in 2011 when Now-Again Records reissued a career-spanning collection of WITCH’s music. It would be the first time their work was widely available outside of Zambia, and the success of these releases led to the only surviving original member
Emmanuel ‘Jagari’ Chanda joining forces with younger musicians from around the world to create new music, staying true to the spirit of the original.

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