Birthing his music from a bamboo hut nestled among the roots of a sprawling forest, Tio is Vanuatu’s treehouse troubadour. As he reaches into your soul with his breathtaking blend of violin, skin drum and hypnotic vocals, this thoughtful artist asks audiences to rethink their relationship
with nature. Immersing traditional bush instruments in swaying contemporary rhythms Tio invokes the fragile beauty of the environment, reminding people to live and work more truthfully. Drawing inspiration from his volcanic home island of Ambrym, as well as the simplicity of his treehouse life on Efate island, Tio is a passionate and moving revelation in both music and wisdom. Tio released his debut album Sorousian in 2020 when the world locked down which received a 5-star review in Songlines
Magazine UK as well as international acclaim and radio play.

Taranaki offshore partnership taste the world workshop


Don't miss this opportunity to learn about Vanuatuan cuisine and culture with Tio as he prepares the national dish of Vanuatu; Laplap! Tio will guide us through the process of creating this flavourful Pacific Island delicacy, made by pounding root vegetables into a dough, paired with spinach and coconut.  

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