As masters of musical alchemy, Strawpeople are electro-pop royalty and the epitome of nineties cool in Aotearoa. Soaring with entrancing vocals and pulsating with a sonic palette of electronic beats, their trailblazing creations exude atmospheric charm. Hits like Sweet Disorder and Taller than God have been woven into the hearts of music lovers, creating a legacy that still radiates today. Conceived as a studio band by Paul Casserly and Mark Tierney in the late 80s, Strawpeople amassed a collective of undeniable talent - including the distinctive voice of Fiona McDonald. Now, almost 20 years since their last album, Casserly and McDonald have rekindled their creative partnership, releasing Knucklebones to critical acclaim.


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Louisiana Gumbo  
Fiona from Strawpeople shares her heartwarming recipe for Louisiana Gumbo. This flavourful dish, featuring tender chicken, succulent prawns, and savoury chorizo, holds a special place in Fiona's heart, blending rich flavours and cherished memories into a delightful culinary experience.

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