Award-winning singer/songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist, MO’JU resists being pigeon-holed by genre, instead the Naarm/Melbourne-based third gender, third culture kid (Filipino / Wiradjuri) is continually exploring new sounds and aspiring to create music that is completely them, their visceral brand of storytelling the thread that ties it all together.  

When their 2018 studio album Native Tongue was released to widespread acclaim, it ignited some tough conversations around race, identity, colonisation and more, but Mo’Ju considers themselves an artist by nature, first and foremost and an activist second, by circumstance and necessity.  

Their fourth studio album Oro, Plata, Mata, was released in 2023, dubbed by the media as their “magnum opus - an important work laced with hope” it earned them their 4th Aria nomination and was performed live with both the Sydney and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras 

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